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My Guide to Air Track Mats: Style, Design, and Comfort

The Best Air Track Mats for Home

If you are looking for a new mat to use in your home, one of the best options that is available today is an air track mat. These mats have become very popular because they offer style and comfort. They can be found in many colors and designs to match any décor or style preference, but this article will focus on how they provide comfort for people who suffer from back pain.

Steps to Ergonomic Comfort for Everyone

-Position the mat with the beveled edge against a chair or sofa. This will provide comfort for your back while sitting in one spot, and because it is not bounded by walls you are free to move around as needed.

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-Add pillows if desired; this can help reduce strain on your neck when looking up from a desk or reading device. Pillows should also be considered near desks that involve typing. In any case, place them vertically so they don’t take away space on the air track mat where you want to lie down at night during sleep time.

-Place an area rug under both feet before going onto the flooring surface of the air track because with this area rug underneath your mat you maintain a hygienic and clean environment, which is important to avoid trouble spots such as fungi.

-If using in an office setting, consider having two mats for work: one for standing desk use (for ergonomic typing) and another one for sitting down at a chair or sofa to take breaks from all that computer time. This way you can rotate between different positions while working.

If using in home settings where there are pets around then I recommend keeping them off your mat by putting it on top of something like carpet so they don’t destroy its surface.