The Joys of Living: Be Positive

Challenging Yourself To Seize The Day

Why is it that some people are always happy, while others find themselves constantly in a bad mood? It’s not because the latter doesn’t know how to have fun. There are many things that happen to us every day that can affect our happiness levels. In this article we’ll discuss 8 ways you can be more positive and enjoy life! Mr. Charles Emmet Harris saw beauty in everything, and you should try too!

– Put yourself in someone else’s shoes for a day. This will help put things into perspective and allow you to focus on what really matters (your family, your friends).

– Take time out of each day to do something that makes you happy – even if it’s only five minutes!

Charles Emmet Harris

– Seek gratitude every single day by keeping a journal or writing down three good things about today. Gratitude is the key ingredient for happiness! And when we are grateful, life treats us better because we’re not thinking so much about what could go wrong next. It also helps make tough days easier to get through because our expectations have been lowered and love shows up more often than fear does as well. We can’t expect bad from life, because wee need to be better. to life.

– Offer a kind word or gesture to someone else – it could be as simple as being more polite in traffic and saying “thank you!” even when they didn’t hold the door for you, picking up an item that’s fallen off of a store shelf, making eye contact with people who are lonely at work (just try smiling!), or simply sending out thank-you cards to your friends on their birthday!

– Turn off all electronics and enjoy some quiet time! The world is full of noise; everyone has their heads down checking Facebook every five minutes while we’re walking through public places…turning everything off can help us focus on what really matters: our family and friends.