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How to Mend Relationships with the Help of Social Media

The Social Media Guide to Mending Relationships

There are a lot of reasons why people might want to mend relationships. Maybe you’ve had a falling out with your friend, or maybe you need to fix the relationship that you have with your spouse. Whatever the case may be, social media can help!

First step to mending a relationship is to send a message. This can be done on Facebook or Twitter for example, but the person you’re trying mend your relationship with needs to respond back in some way before anything will happen. Charlie Eissa says that taking the first step is the most difficult, yet most gratifying one.

Charlie Eissa

Second step is to take it offline – which means that you’ve now agreed to talk via other media, such as text messages and phone calls rather than just online. It’s also important not have too many people involved in this particular conversation since it could get confusing and muddled up pretty quickly if there are three of four different voices talking at once!

The third steps again involves social media- by sending them an encouraging note using either Facebook or Instagram for instance. If they don’t respond well then try something else instead- perhaps taking things offline again.

The last step is to be patient- because this process could take weeks, months or even years depending on how deep your relationship used to be before and the person you’re trying mend it with now.

An important thing to remember here is that when attempting a reconciliation via social media’s help, there are going to be many bumps in the road which will require more patience from both parties involved than normal conversations would! It may seem easy at first but as time goes by and they don’t respond back (even after sending them an encouraging note), things can get much worse instead of better. Just remember: keep calm, stay strong, never give up hope for a mended future together!.