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How To Dispose Of Your Unused Diabetic Test Strips

Save Money: Your Guide to Recycling Diabetes Test Strips

Diabetes is a chronic disease that requires constant supervision. Monitoring blood sugar levels, diet, and exercise are all crucial aspects of diabetes management. One aspect many people forget to consider is what to do with old diabetic test strips once you no longer need them.

You can sell diabetic test strips to other people with diabetes, donate them to a free clinic for their patients who can’t afford the strips themselves. Another option is to dispose of your unused diabetic test strips in one of two ways:

If you have leftover test strip vials from using glucose meters that are no longer produced (such as those made by Bayer), contact the manufacturer or distributor, and they will replace or recycle it for you. Otherwise, if there’s still enough residual liquid on some used strips in a vial, put all remaining vials into an unsealed plastic bag and freeze them until solid. Then place the frozen bags outside—gather up any spilled contents first—and wait at least 72 hours before picking them up again; this should safely evaporate whatever liquid is left in the vials.

Sell Diabetic Test Strips

Many people who are living with diabetes forget about the unused and expired strips that have accumulated over time. Some of these people may be thinking “why should I worry?” or they might not even realize how many there really are because it’s such a low number per day. In reality, this can accumulate in a short amount of time to an alarming quantity when you consider the length of time someone is living with diabetes without realizing it!

The most important thing for anyone managing their blood sugar levels is knowing where your numbers stand at any given moment. The last thing you need is some major health complications due to high glucose levels caused by neglecting old supplies. At home disposal is the best way to go because it’s likely that you will have leftover supplies after your adventure.

Simply cut off any remaining strips and then place them in a sealable container with some water or alcohol for sanitizing purposes. If there is no excess material, dispose of them as trash according to local regulations. Be careful not to dispose of the device itself by accident! Dispose of these items at a recycling center if possible too- they’re still useful resources even though they are old test strips!