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How to Choose a Good URL for Your Pitch Deck

Tips for Choosing a Good URL

Before you even start thinking about the content of your pitch deck, make sure your URL is a good representation of what you have to offer. You might be tempted to go for something that is obvious cu09cel but that’s just not going to cut it in this day and age. Here are some suggestions on how to choose a great name for your pitch deck:

Choose a keyword-rich domain name. This will help you to rank higher in search engine results pages. Use keywords and target phrases that will help people find what they’re looking for more easily, even if it’s not on the first page of results (e.g., “pitch-deck” becomes “how to pitch a deck”). Use keywords that are relevant to your deck in the URL. For example, if you have a pitch deck about “social media marketing,” then use words like “marketing” or “advertising” as sub-keywords within the URL.


Make it short and memorable, so that people can type it easily or remember it better. Avoid using hyphens because they might break the URL when you try to put more than one word together (e.g., “pitch-deck” becomes “pitch–deck”). You can use underscores for your own reference purposes.

Break any long words down into smaller parts and include them together in the URL, so that your site will be more readable (e.g., “pitch-deck” becomes “pitchedunderlined”).

Research how did the previous URLs that you have created rank in the search engines for your keyword phrases.

Also, do a search on your deck’s keyword phrase to see how many other pages are competing with it for ranking. Ensure that this number is low so there will be less competition and your page can rank higher and get more traffic. Try to choose a unique yet obvious name for your URL.